Sustainability Center Freiburg

Humanity is confronted with great challenges today. Problems such as climate change and scarcity of ressources can only be successfully dealt with through sustainable development. We will only succeed in doing so with new findings in research.

This is the reason why the University of Freiburg and Freiburg's five Fraunhofer institutes have decided to establish the inter- and transdisciplinary Sustainability Center Freiburg together.

Freiburg is the ideal location for this alliance. The City of Freiburg pursues an ambitious sustainability policy. Its excellent research institutions are driving forces of this development. The University of Freiburg with its long tradition in sustainability research and the city's five Fraunhofer institutes belong to the leading institutions worldwide regarding relevant research fields such as material and energy research.

Sun Ship Freiburg © FWTM / Schoenen

At the Sustainability Center, the topic of sustainbility will be comprehensively explored, benefiting from the various competences of the University and Fraunhofer. Thus, interdisciplinary solutions for sustainable development can be investigated and implemented.

To this means, four central research topics have been defined at the Sustainability Center:

Besides conducting research, the Sustainability Center will develop and offer pioneering concepts in teaching and education as well. Soon, young scientists will be trained who, besides their technological expertise, also consider economic, legal and societal aspects from the start.

The practical implementation of findings from research and teaching is of course a decisive factor for effective, sustainable development. Thus, companies from the industrial sector are involved as equal partners at the Sustainability Center from the very beginning.

Among others, the Institute for Sustainable Technical Systems (INATECH) at the University of Freiburg's technical faculty, which was conceptualized by the University and Fraunhofer, fulfills this purpose. The institute was founded on October 20, 2015 and will form the Sustainability Center's core in engineering sciences.

The Sustainability Center at a glance

  • Strategic alliance of the University of Freiburg, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the industry
  • Inter- and transdisciplinary research and education for sustainable development 
  • Development of innovative, sustainable products and services together with the industry

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