Sustainability Summit, Freiburg, October 19.-20, 2015

The “Sustainability Summit” is hosted by the Sustainability Center Freiburg once a year. This conference is a platform serving the scientific exchange on current sustainability related issues. This year, it will take place at the Konzerthaus Freiburg and features numerous contributions by renowned speakers.

Sustainability Center organizes Sustainability Summit in Freiburg

During this conference, internationally renowned scientists, experts from industry, and sustainability politicians will discuss the most important challenges of today: How can the energy revolution successfully be implemented without putting the security of supply at risk? What can we do to leverage electromobility? Can we yet learn more from nature in order to solve man-made problems? How can we succeed in both limiting climate change and adapting to its consequences? And which opportunities exist to shape the necessary economic and ecologic change in a socially fair manner?

These and other questions will be treated in several topic-based sessions. Analogous to the Sustainability Center's four major topics, there will be sessions on the social and ecological transformation of our society, energy systems, sustainable materials, and resilience. The Sustainability Summit will be opened with a provocative, programmatic impulse by a personality who is internationally established in the global discourse on sustainability.

From 2015 on, the Sustainability Summit will be organized by the Sustainability Center Freiburg. Last year, the Summit has evolved out of the former "Solar Summit" hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE). Since 2008, Fraunhofer ISE had once a year invited the leading experts on photovoltaics to the conference in the sunny Southwest of Germany. The Sustainability Center Freiburg wants to continue this tradition, but with a thematic extension. In the long run, the conference shall become one of the most important centers for the key players of different fields concentrating on the sustainable development of our society.

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