The Sustainability Center's experts provide information on the perspectives of 3D printing

On July 25, 2017, the Sustainability Center introduced itself at an informative event of the wvib on "fast manufacturing of parts in the 3D factory".

More than 30 local small and medium-sized enterprises followed the invitation of the Trade Association of Industrial Enterprises in Baden (wvib), exchanging their ideas about the possibilities of additive manufacturing in prototype and small-scale production with the Sustainability Center's researchers.

Providing scientific input, Prof. Rolf Mülhaupt, Aaron Pfaff, Dr. Matthias Wickert and Dr. Tobias Ziegler from the Sustainability Center talked about the latest developments in material research. From exciting presentations on a wide range of materials suitable for additive manufacturing, the audience could learn about the new possibilities offered by 3D printing. The participants were given the opportunity to inform themselves about the Sustainability Center and to discuss the chances of 3D printing. Through involving regional SMEs, we have succeeded in further expanding the Sustainability Center's network.