Sustainability Center successful in Sustainability Competition

Students of the Department of Political Science at the University of Freiburg led by Dr. Astrid Carrapatoso were successful in two sustainability competitions.

The goal of the prize-winning seminar was to develop projects to be handed in to the CampusWELTbewerb of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg and the Freiburger Fonds Education for Sustainable Development (BNE-Fonds). The CampusWELTbewerb was founded in 2014 and aims to inspire students at all higher education institutions in Baden-Württemberg to develop projects on sustainability and thereby, to bring together global learning and local action. The Freiburg BNE-Fonds follows a similar approach. It is designed to support and promote learning opportunities in the area of education for Sustainable Development. The goal is for children, adolescents, and adults to learn to think sustainably and then take action.

Bringing topics of day-to-day sustainability to light for students was the founding idea for the project of the two learning groups of the sustainability seminars led by Dr. Carrapatoso. The groups differentiated in the implementation of this goal, however: the BNE-Fonds group, in cooperation with the non-profit organization “Rock Your Life!” (RYL!), organized multiple action days for students, all with the theme sustainability. These included a sustainability rally in Vauban, a cooking battle with healthy, regional ingredients with nutrition as a main topic, and a sport day with soccer and yoga. The CampusWELTbewerb group developed an Ipad-guided GPS tour that employs various locations in Freiburg to teach something about sustainable consumption. Students in junior high, for example, learned facts about regional and seasonal products at the Münster market. In cooperation with the Freiburg branch office of the State Agency for Political Education (LpB), the GPS rally is to be offered for schools in the long term, so that the long-term nature of the project can also be guaranteed on an institutional level. In addition to the State Agency for Political Education, the Freiburg Advanced Centre for Education (FACE) of the University Freiburg/PH Freiburg along with the City of Freiburg are cooperation partners.

Both projects were already successfully tested with students. The action days with RYL! took place in June, after the support by the BNE-Fonds was announced. The GPS rally was tested with four classes of a FACE partner school in the form of a quiz as part of the Freiburg Sustainability Days before the jury of the CampusWELTbewerb had voted upon it. After this first initial successful participation, the GPS tour will be once more offered in October, with a larger selection of topics. The students will then be invited to Stuttgart to participate in the awards ceremony of CampusWELTbewerb in November.

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Text: University of Freiburg